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Tim Zavitz - Developer

For Tim Zavitz, investing in Middlesex County makes good business sense. As a developer, he believes strongly in manufacturing, employing and building locally. Find out from Tim, why he enjoys working together with local municipalities in Middlesex County to meet the needs of the community, and why he acquaints much of his company’s success to the ability to maneuver outside the red tape often experienced in major urban centres.

Roestenberg Welding Ltd.

While a growing market and the investment in state-of-the-art equipment has grown Roestenberg Welding considerably since their start some 30 years ago, being a family-run business with local values is still at the heart of everything they do. This commitment is evident in their pride of workmanship, and most recent expansion to new facilities; directly up the road from their former location.  Find out from Manager Jason Bear, how being in Middlesex County has proven to be such a competitive advantage for Roestenberg Welding, and why working together with other local companies to succeed contributes to their feeling of never wanting to look anywhere else.pCua4